Jodie Whittaker demanded & is receiving equal pay for Doctor Who

The long-running British science fiction series has achieved gender pay equality as a new Doctor arrives.

Doctor Who 13 costume Featured

Gender pay gaps have been a topic of conversation for a long time as women have long been paid far less than men for the same job. The entertainment industry has been under fire over the years for these unequal practices.

For once though the industry has some good news coming out as some equality has been found.

According to Digital Spy, Jodie Whittaker, the newest regeneration of the iconic character The Doctor, has confirmed that she is being paid exactly the same amount that Peter Capaldi was being paid to hold the role that he just recently departed. Whittaker revealed backstage during the National Television Awards that she made sure that the BBC was going to pay her, a move made after the network suffered a scandal last year when it was revealed that women at the company were earning almost 10% less than the men.

“It’s an incredibly important time and the notion [of equal pay] should be supported,” Whittaker said. “It’s a bit of a shock that it’s a surprise to everyone that it should be supported! I know I do not speak just on behalf of the women here, I speak on behalf of the men and the women.”

Whittaker picked up the role of The Doctor after it was announced that Capaldi and previous showrunner Steven Moffat were departing and her former Broadchurch boss Chris Chibnall was the new series showrunner. After making her impressive debut as the 13th Doctor during the 2017 Christmas special, the new Doctor’s adventures will begin later this year in series 11.


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