Marvel reveals which two characters will tie the knot for “The Wedding of the Century” this summer

Two long-time Marvel characters are ready to take the plunge into marriage this summer

SPOILERS! – If you are not caught up on Marvel Comics issues from the week of January 17, turn back now!

Marvel WEdding

After dropping a teaser late last year, Marvel Comics has at last revealed who the two characters that will be tying the knot this summer are. Deemed “The Wedding of the Century” in the teaser, the wedding will go down in X-Men Gold #30 this June and feature two of the big name team members getting hitched.

Titled “I Thee Wed,” the issue is from regular writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Paulo Siqueira. Because it’s the X-Men, the teaser asks what could possibly go wrong which likely means something will go wrong during the Merry Mutant wedding.

This issue number seems quite fitting as the last big-time X-Men wedding went down in the early 90s between Jean Grey and Scott Summers, in X-Men #30.



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