The CW might have a solution for their Wally West problem

After being written out of The Flash earlier this season, Kid Flash might have a new team to join in 2018.

The Flash 4x01

The Arrowverse might finally have an answer for their Kid Flash problem. Introduced in season two of The Flash, Wally West has been a part of Team Flash off and on as the show has often had a problem trying to fit him into plot lines and had such a problem with two speedsters that they wrote him mostly out of the series after he was dumped by Jesse Quick.

It got so bad that Wally only showed up for a brief moment during the Crisis on Earth-X crossover before being left out of all the action.

Seemingly confirming some rumors that have been surfacing, The CW president Mark Pedowitz spoke to BlackGirlNerds and dropped some hints about Wally and some holes in the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast.

“You might see Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) show up on Legends,” Pedowitz said in reference to a question regarding the departure of Franz Drameh from the ensemble series.

As for if Wally will stay around for good, Pedowitch said, “I can’t answer that, you’ll have to watch!”

During the aforementioned Crisis on Earth-X crossover Professor Martin Stein, one half of Firestorm, was killed after heroically helping the team get back to their own Earth. His connection to Drameh’s Jefferson “Jax” Jackson kept him alive, leading to Stein sacrificing that connection so that Jax could continue to live. No longer a superhero, and after a meeting with Stein’s younger self, Jax made the decision to leave the Waverider crew to find his own life outside of the world of super heroics.

Placing Wally into the empty team slots would not only benefit the character who was stuck as a second fiddle to Barry Allen, it would also bring along some of the youthful enthusiasm that has been lost with Jax moving on.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow won’t return alongside the rest of The CW shows, which make their midseason returns beginning on January 15. Instead, the series will stay on hiatus until it returns on February 12 and takes over Supergirl’s timeslot, leaving that series to go on hiatus until April.


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