Marvel Studios reportedly moving forward with Black Widow standalone film script

At long last we're one step closer to finally getting that Black Widow film we've been waiting years for.

Black Widow

After years of rumors and talk from Kevin Feige, it looks like that long-desired Black Widow film for the Marvel Cinematic Universe might be on the way. According to VarietyBlack List writer Jac Schaeffer has been hired to pen a script for the Scarlett Johansson starring film.

While a script is in the works, this project is still in the early stages of development and has not been greenlit quite yet. Reportedly Feige met with various candidates before choosing Schaeffer to move forward on the script.

Fans have been asking about a Black Widow film for years, and it’s been notable that she has not gotten one because Johannson’s Widow has been in the MCU since Iron Man 2, longer than most of the other heroes including Captain America, Thor and more who have all had multiple solo films.

Recently Feige revealed that after Avengers 4 in 2019, there are currently over 20 films in various points of development that Marvel Studios has planned to fill out the next phase of their cinematic universe. The already greenlit Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel (and reported planned third film for a trilogy) and likely sequels for Doctor Strange, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel are part of those 20 films.

There is a lot to work with for Black Widow from her assassin Red Room past to her past with Nick Fury and Hawkeye and even some of her recent storylines with Bruce Banner/Hulk, Captain America, and others.






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