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The Arrowverse suit up again in an extended midseason return teaser featuring Black Lightning

Winter break is over, and it's time for the DC superheroes to leap into battle once more.

It’s now less than a week before the superheroes of The CW get back to work serving up truth and justice once more. Following their “Suit Up,” promo teaser from last week, The CW has released a longer expanded version of the video which shows more of the assembled heroes from Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow suiting up, as the title states, ready for their return.

This time though, a brand new friend makes an appearance as Black Lightning joins the fun.

As of this moment, the characters from Black Lightning are in their own world completely separate from the heroes of the other shows. How long that will last remains to be seen, as Supergirl once stood apart from the other shows fully (on a different network at first too) but it wasn’t long before Flash showed up on Supergirl and then she began to join their crossovers.

Perhaps Black Lightning will remain alone until whatever crossover there will potentially be this fall to try and follow last year’s Crisis on Earth-X.

When the shows last left off Supergirl had been brutally beaten by the villain Reign, The Thinker had beaten Flash leaving the hero to be arrested & stand trial for the murder of the Thinker’s original body, a civil war divided Oliver’s team as a new band of villain rose to destroy Team Arrow and the Legends lost another team member but connected with the magical John Constantine to save a girl from their new foe Mallus.

The CW shows return for their new seasons starting on January 15 for Supergirl, January 16 for The Flash and the premiere of Black Lightning and January 18 for the return of ArrowDC’s Legends of Tomorrow remains on hiatus until February 12 where it will take over Supergirl‘s timeslot until April when Kara and company will return to finish out their season in June.


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