Fox grants a second season to their X-Men related series The Gifted

While the future of the Fox broadcast network is uncertain, the future is bright for Marvel's mutant focused series.

The Gifted

Despite an uncertain future pending the upcoming Disney & Fox $52 billion deal, the Fox broadcast channel will continue to be home to some of Marvel’s merry mutants for another season.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox TV and Marvel TV’s X-Men adjacent series The Gifted has been given an early renewal as it prepares to wrap up it’s 13-episode first season on January 15. Reportedly Fox had planned to hand out the renewal in December but the decision was shelved once the talk of Disney buying up Fox’s television/movie divisions (among a few other things) solidified.

Under the deal, Disney takes over the Fox television studio that produces The Gifted among many other shows but under current laws, they are not getting the Fox broadcasting network because they already own ABC and cannot own a second of the broadcast networks. Since the takeover of Fox’s assets by Disney will take anywhere between 18-24 months once the deal is finalized and approved, Rupert Murdoch and family are keeping the News division and most of the sports division under a new Fox, the future of The Gifted and other shows that Fox TV produces will be up in the air.

Currently, Fox uses the TV studio to create many shows for the broadcast network, to avoid having to pay too much to other studios for their shows, and Disney could very well decide to move the shows to another network that they own or even put them on as exclusives of their 2019 launching streaming platform.

The Gifted focuses on a family whose two children manifested as mutants as they go on the run with a group of mutant resistance fighters from a government trying to contain them. While it’s not tied into the X-Men films, the series does feature numerous canon X-Men characters and has mentioned the group and it’s antagonist counter-part the Brotherhood numerous times.

The X-Men related series joins The Simpsons and Seth MacFarlane’s space dramedy The Orville as the only shows currently on Fox’s 2018/2019 schedule.


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