Captain Marvel adds DeWanda Wise in mystery co-star role

Wise will co-star alongside Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law & Ben Mendelsohn in the 2019 film.

Captain Marvel.jpg

Brie Larson is gaining a bit more company when she prepares to soar through the skies as Marvel Studios newest hero Captain Marvel in 2019.

She’s Gotta Have It star DeWanda Wise has gained a co-starring role in the film opposite of Larson, according to Deadline. She’ll join Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law and Ben Mendelsohn in the Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck film.

There is no word what part Wise will play, but based on the source material there is at least character that would be a good bet. That is Monica Rambeau, who in the comics in the 80’s held down the codename of Captain Marvel before it was given to the Genis-Vell, the son of the original bearer Mar-Vell (played by Law in the film).

While Rambeau, who led the Avengers for a spell, gave the name back she stayed in the superhero game for years as Photon and Pulsar and most recently as Spectrum. She was part of Warren Ellis and  ‘s comedy series Nextwave and returned to serve on the Mighty Avengers and The Ultimates more recently.

A lieutenant in the New Orleans Harbor Patrol, Rambeau gained the ability to turn herself into any form of energy within the electromagnetic spectrum (visible light, X-Rays, electricity, etc) thanks to exposure to extra-dimensional energies. Also in the comics not only did Carol Danvers (the current Captain Marvel Larson is playing) and Rambeau share a codename, they have been close friends over the years.

This casting adds not only another high profile female character into the film but also a woman of color, further expanding the amount of non-white male characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain Marvel arrives on March



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