Netflix is officially moving forward with that Bright sequel

The Will Smith & Joel Edgerton fantasy cop drama garnered enough views in a short time to snag a sequel.


When it comes to streaming services like Netflix, everything comes down to the views rather than the math that is involved in the box office numbers for feature films in theaters. That’s the reason that the streaming giant will be returning to the fantasy meets the real world cop drama that isĀ Bright.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has officially greenlit a sequel to Will Smith, David Ayer and Joel Edgerton film which debuted near the end of 2017. All three are expected to return for the sequel.

Despite being panned by critics and taking quite a pummeling from audiences on social media, the film, which had a reported budget of $90 million, is the number one movie on Netflix in over 190 countries, being streamed way more in the international market compared to the domestic. According to Nielsen, an average 11 million Netflix users in the United States streamed the film during the first three days of release but that only counts those that watched it through their television and not those that used a computer or mobile device.

As with many films these days, those international numbers likely helped decide moving forward with a sequel, which had been rumored since even before the film debuted in December.

One change between the first and second films is that controversial writer Max Landis is out, and Ayer will handle both the directing and writing of the film as he has done in the past for most of his other movies.

Shortly after The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, Netflix confirmed the sequel by releasing a video featuring orcs auditioning for the sequel. Currently, as the video shows, there is no official title for the film or a release date.



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