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Geekfinity’s Favorites of 2017: Movie Trailers

A really great movie trailer gets you excited for the film & is just enjoyable. These are our favorites from 2017.

GF 2017 Favorites Trailers

Now that it is fully over, it’s pretty clear that 2017 was a giant blazing smell garbage fire of a year on multiple levels. From a political and societal level down to a personal level for many. There is no telling if 2018 will be overly better at this early point, but while we wait to find out we can look back at the bright shiny parts of 2017. Despite the doom and gloom, there were certainly many areas that were fantastic in the year we have now left behind. Before the feeling of a fresh new year overtakes us, we’ll take a look back at some of those moments or things and share our favorites.

There were a ton of fantastic films that arrived last year and a lot that seemed promising yet did not hit the way studios expected. Since I didn’t get to see as many movies as I hoped in 2017 (curse you depression and lack of funds!) it felt false to do a list of favorite films since most of them would be the blockbusters that most people saw anyways. What is more fun and something I can do is look at my favorite film trailers that arrived in 2017. These are trailers that got myself and others super excited for a film in 2017 or one that still has yet to come out. The best part of trailers is that even if the actual film turns out to be what you desired, the trailers you love help you envision a version of the film that might have been.

So check out the list of my favorite movie trailers of 2017 and share whether you agree or disagree or what your favorite trailers were in 2017!

Black Panther

While the second trailer gets more into some of the film’s plot, it was this first trailer that left jaws on the floor and sent the internet into waves of excitement. Avengers: Infinity War is the culmination of many things in May but Black Panther is definitely the Marvel film that is most anticipated this year. Finally, we’re getting a film with a black character in the lead and a cast that is entirely black actors outside of the token white guys. As the film takes place in a fictional African nation it had better have a mostly non-white cast. Not only does it diversify the Marvel Cinematic Universe greatly, the film is full of wonderful actors and is coming from Ryan Coogler, meaning the film is sure to deliver on all the hype that the trailers have built.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Fans waited anxiously for any first look at the second film in this new Star Wars trilogy, and Lucasfilm and Rian Johnson wisely chose to wait till the 40th anniversary celebration earlier in 2017 for the first teaser, followed by this second one many months later. The first got us all excited, but the second one was even better. It gave so many possibilities but also spoke the words “this is not going to go the way you think,” which is something that proved to be true for audiences when they finally got to see the film. This was chosen because truly, to me, a great trailer should give you some bits and pieces and get you questioning things without actually giving away a lot of plot. This trailer accomplished that.

The Incredibles II

After waiting for thirteen long years for a sequel to arguably the very best superhero film ever, the wait finally came to an end in 2017. It doesn’t matter that the first teaser was just Jack Jack toddling around with his powers making the film’s logo and then Bob Parr finding out his kid has powers, that’s all we needed to get the excitement going. Sure we’ve known for quite some time now that a sequel was coming, but getting to actually see some of the Parr family back in action made it even more of a reality. No doubt the first full trailer that arrives at some point this spring will get audiences even more excited and is sure to end up on this list at the end of 2018.

Avengers: Infinity War

What really needs to be said why this is on the list? This film has been technically close to six years in the making if you want to count Avengers as the period of when Thanos first became a thing but really it’s the first part of a culmination of ten years of connected films. Avengers 4 in 2019 will be the final conclusion of this period of films, leading into what comes next, but this trailer was full of so many exciting things from the characters reciting Nick Fury’s line about the Avengers Initiative to seeing all our favorites coming together again or for the first time to bearded Cap to the heroes racing at the screen. Honestly they could just stop at this trailer and show us nothing else, and honestly, most of the audience would likely be satisfied.

Thor Ragnarok

After the first two Thor films, likely most were skeptical about Marvel doing a third one even with Taika Waititi connected to direct. Then the first trailer dropped and everyone lost it. Usually, it’s hard for a second trailer to deliver the same level or more excitement than the first, but they managed to do that with Thor: Ragnarok. A million fans screamed in joy at that final shot of Hulk just throwing himself at the immortal demon Surtur. Each bit of that trailer proved that even if you didn’t like the first two Thor films, going to see the third one would be a pretty fun and crazy adventure and the trailers were right. That pretty genuine laugh from Hemsworth at the end of the teaser sells it big time. Nothing better than actors clearly enjoying a film to get you excited to see it.

Deadpool 2

Obviously, this was going to make the list. What Deadpool did so beautifully was that Ryan Reynolds and all the marketing team just went all in when it came to the promos and teasers and digital content to advertise the film. Clearly, that isn’t changing with the upcoming sequel as Reynolds goes full Bob Ross for this promo that really tells us nothing about the film in question but that is beyond fine. The clips of Deadpool and all his friends doing their thing is enough. The plot was not the thing that really sold the last film anyway, as the revenge/save your loved one plot has been done a million times which was the point, it was the humor and the way it went against most conventions. So as long as the second film has that but bigger with Cable and Domino around it’ll be great.

Wonder Woman

Not only did Wonder Woman bring hope and joy as women finally fully got a female superhero on the big screen in a big blockbuster, but her film also brought hope that the DC shared film universe could be turned around after a dismal 2016 (sadly as we’ll see later on the list that hope did not last long). The trailers were no different as each one was just so bright and colorful and hopeful even with the specter of World War I looming in the background. All the moments that show how inspired by the Richard Donner Superman film Patty Jenkins was are fantastic. Diana was the hero we truly needed in 2017 and this trailer shows all the best of her as a hero, a person and an icon. We need more Wonder Woman. Just do a soft reboot of the DC shared universe at this point and make her the centerpiece hero, letting Patty Jenkins tell the stories she wants. That sounds like a solid plan.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

I’m a sucker for giant robots fighting giant monsters. Sure the first Pacific Rim was nothing really out of the box and different but it was fantastic for what it is. Even with Guillermo Del Toro moving into a producer role rather than a director, this sequel looks bigger and louder and full of far more robot vs monster fighting than the first and that is welcome. Also, it’s got John Boyega in the lead role, that’s all I need to see really. Every time the trailer plays I can’t help but hum along with the music as it builds towards that powerful trailer conclusion. Legendary just keep pumping out these monster flicks and I’ll be in the theaters, and if you make that rumored Pacific Rim/Godzilla/King Kong crossover I’ll throw all the money at you. All the money.

Baby Driver

This was one of those films I didn’t get a chance to see in 2017, but these trailers definitely intrigued me at the time. A guy getting involved in the world of crime, being the best at something which in this case is driving, and then meeting a woman that makes him want to change and get out of the racket is not a new story. Honestly, most stories have been told at this point but it’s about how you tell it. The use of music in the trailer and adding in that the music is all part of Baby’s thing because of an injury as a kid is a nice move. It makes for a really great soundtrack while also finding a reason to incorporate that music into the film, which isn’t surprising when one considers some of what Edgar Wright has done in his previous films. Now that I watched the trailer again, I really should watch the film.


If you had asked most people at the start of 2017 which films they might not be sure about in the year, it’s likely that It would be on that list. Adaptations of Stephen King’s work have not been well-received over the years outside of a few rare exceptions. In fact, if one had the power to look to the future at the start of 2017 they would have seen how poorly Dark Tower, another King adaptation in the year, did and would have assumed the killer being disguised as a clown film would have followed suit. This trailer certainly changed any feelings of concern about the film. Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise is terrifying even if just looking at him, then you add in the creepy stuff he does and it’s even more. What makes it even better is that the actual film was fantastic, with a sequel on the way.

Justice League

For all the hope that Wonder Woman brought in 2017 for the DC film universe, this film seemed to effectively mute that not only for critics and some fans but also the studio itself. As with Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad the year before, the trailers for Justice Leauge were so fun and full of great moments that seemed to show the potential of the film. Whether it was the poor mix of Zack Snyder’s original film pieces with Joss Whedon’s reshoots or too much stuff shoved into one film again or any number of other things, the actual film did not live up to the trailers. While the studio is once again considering the future of their films in the DC world, at least they know that they can make a good trailer. Unfortunately, that won’t save them much if the great trailers don’t lead to a film equal to the trailer excitement.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

It’s about damn time that Miles Morales gets his own film! At first, when I heard about this I wished that Miles was getting live-action instead of an animated film, but then I saw this trailer and that desire was just gone. This looks utterly amazing. What gorgeous animation. The fact that the film is diving right into Spider-Verse, and not just sticking to more common Spider-Man style stories for fear of audience not knowing what is going on, speaks greatly for those behind the film. Sony’s track record with Spider-Man is somewhat uneven with the last few films before they teamed with Marvel, but this looks to be one done on their own that can potentially be added to the good Spider-Man film list. This trailer was a perfect way to close out 2017, with it coming so close to the holiday season.

That wraps up the list my favorite movie trailers from 2017. Did I miss any of your favorites from this year? Let me know what your favorites were by commenting below, through Facebook or on Twitter!







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