Welcome to a new beginning for Geekfinity

As 2018 dawns, the past of Geekfinity is washed away to herald in a brand new future for the site.


Back in 2014, I attended my first major comic convention. It wasn’t a San Diego Comic Con, but the very first ever Wizard World Sacramento was far bigger in scale than the smaller Sac-Con that we had at the time (it’s since also grown over the years) that I had gone to years before that was just one day in a small area of the Scottish Rite Masonic Center. Walking the rows at the Convention Center, I was pleasantly overcome by all the sights and sounds of the convention.

The vendors selling all the geeky and fun items. Artist Alley where all the amazing artists were there to sell their pieces and I wanted to buy so much. Seeing all these celebrities that might not be the A-list superstars that so many are obsessed with but they were huge to me cause they were in the things I loved and I never thought I’d have a chance to stand in the same room as them.

I got to meet Jason David Frank briefly, the Power Rangers legend that I had grown up idolizing.

I had entered nerd heaven.

It was at that moment that I had a dream. Not a dream about being a Power Ranger with JDF or hanging out with any of the celebrities. No, this dream was much more specific to my current life situation and something that I wanted to do.

This website, Geekfinity was that dream. At first the idea was for an online magazine (fully designed and everything) to come out quarterly, but eventually, I got to the website idea. Basically, my dream was that I wanted to take my geeky/nerdy loves and combine that with my recently found love and skill in journalism. I didn’t want to graduate with a journalism degree and just go work at some place that others had built, as great as that would be. I wanted to build something of my own, something that could pass along news and features and opinions on the things I love.

A place where others could come together and have positive discussions, whether they agree or disagree, about the things they love. Not a toxic place like most of the internet had and has become.

In June of 2014, that dream became a reality as this site was launched. Along the way through, the dream became a bit dimmer as I lost my way some. Depression and other issues cropped up and while the content kept flowing (I tried to avoid huge downtimes outside of the first year of the site) it became more about just slapping up the latest breaking news or press release information.

Nothing is wrong with that, I want to keep doing breaking news/press release news (when I can around my new job in education I start this year), but the features and opinions and building a community that I had dreamed of were sidelined because I didn’t put the effort in.

People say that whole “new year, new me” thing and most roll their eyes, but honestly, that is how I decided to approach this site now. At the end of 2017, I burned it all down essentially. All the old work (much of it moved off-site to a WP clone archive site because of space & money limitations) was wiped away for a clean fresh slate. This piece will be the first thing posted to the brand new version of Geekfinity in 2018.

Why burn it all down? Simple, sometimes when you realize you are going down the wrong path in life you just have to go back to the beginning and start your journey fresh. That’s essentially what is happening here. A chance to begin the journey that I really wanted to undertake. I will not forget the lessons I learned on that other path, but now I’m on the one that I want to be on and I intend to keep it that way.

Some more evergreen or timely pieces that I did from before will return to the site to give it some history (likely later in the week once I build up new content), and some of them will be completely redone to fresh them up and make them far superior to their previous incarnation. Alongside that will be plenty of new content from breaking news to feature pieces to longer in-depth features to more well-thought opinion pieces about anything and everything.

Also while the site is dedicated to ‘geeky’ things in the world of movies, TV, and gaming alongside comic books, it is comic books that will take on a far bigger focus than previously. Comics are one of my first loves and they are in this amazing golden age currently and deserve to be read and recognized by more people than they currently are. So there will be reviews, interviews, spotlights and the like for comics and all other things.

I’m going to start back up my Creator Spotlight that I began once last year, finding artists and writers and inkers and people in all the geeky areas to interview and increase the spotlight around them. We should appreciate all the people that help make the things we love become a reality.

What will not change about this site though is the core philosophy that became the site’s slogan: “Everyone is a geek for something.”

That was and remains the guiding principle for this website. The idea that being a geek about something isn’t reserved for comics, movies, games, etc. People geek about lots of things from cars to sports to politics/history, etc because we all have our passions. Things that we tremendously love and devote great amounts of time too.

If someone has a great passion for comics that are not the big superhero epics that most think of, that is great and perfectly welcome here. If they are a geek about movies that are political thrillers or horror and not so much the blockbuster comic films, great! Whatever your passion is in the area of movies, TV, comics, and games or anything else, you and that passion are welcome here.

Let’s make 2018 amazing, and let’s build a positive community space on the internet to continue to share those passions. Let’s get geeky!

Welcome to the brand new Geekfinity!

– Scott Redmond, Geekfinity Founder & Editor in Chief –


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