The Ghostbusters cross more than streams for IDW’s interdimensional crossover

All the Ghostbusters from film, television and video games come together to do what they do best: bust some ghosts.

Ghostbusters Crossing Over Featured

Crossing dimensions and meeting up with tons of alternate versions of yourself or alternate versions of your team/friends is a staple of comic books. In 2018, it’ll be the Ghostbusters turn to tear down the dimensional barriers and cross the streams.

IDW Publishing announced Ghostbusters: Crossing Over, and 8-issue event from Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening and Luis Antonio Delgado which features everyone from the original film Ghostbusters to the recent “Answer the Call” reboot Ghostbusters to every version of the team from the multiple animated series to the video games.

“This story has something for everyone who has ever loved an iteration of the Ghostbusters,” said series writer Burnham. “The Prime team from the original movies? There. The Real Ghostbusters? Present. The Extreme team? Accounted for. Not to mention the characters from the video games, the 2016 movie, and the originals we’ve created for the comics! If you don’t like one character, don’t worry, we have others! BUNCHES of others.”

Ghostbusters Crossing Over

Previously IDW brought various Ghostbuster teams together with Ghostbusters Get Real (comic team and animated The Real Ghostbusters) and Ghostbusters 101 (comic team and 2016 movie team). For the crossover, the original Ghostbusters must turn to all the other teams for help when their interdimensional portal ends up unleashing all the ghosts and creatures from their Containment Unit.

“The biggest challenges from an artistic perspective is emulating the styles of the Real Ghostbusters, Extreme Ghostbusters, Sanctum of Slime and any other teams that may pop up,” said series artist Schoening. “Not only do we want to honor the distinct look of the characters, but also the backgrounds and ghouls. Luckily and gratefully, we have already had a chance to play with many of those characters in previous books.”

Ghostbusters: Crossing Over begins in March with covers from Joe Quinones, Dan Schoening, and Tim Lattie.

Ghostbusters Crossing Over 2




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