Marvel cancels five series in 2018 including Hawkeye, Luke Cage & Iceman

Despite new arcs & some renumberings with Marvel Legacy, multiple titles will come to an end to start 2018.

Hawkeye 16 (2017)

Just like with any storytelling medium, in comic books there are beginnings and there are endings as well. In 2018, multiple Marvel Comics series will come to an end.

With the release of the March 2018 solicitations, various writers confirmed that their ongoing series for the HOuse of Ideas will come to an end either in March or with their previously solicited issues for February. Those titles ending are Generation X, Iceman, Luke Cage, The Unbelievable Gwenpool and Hawkeye. 

Both Generation X and Iceman launched earlier this year as part of the big X-Men relaunch known as ResurrXion. Christina Strain took to Twitter to confirm that her youth-focused Generation X comes to a close in February, after it was recently renumbered to pick up legacy numbering with Marvel Legacy, while Iceman writer confirmed the end of his series on Twitter through a handwritten note that laid out that he was getting to tell the story that he wanted to tell.

Luke Cage was another series that began earlier this year and just was renumbered as part of Marvel Legacy, writer David Walker confirmed through Twitter that the series ends in February. Luke’s solo series was born out of the Power Man and Iron Fist series that Walker worked on previously that was also canceled.

After starring alongside Clint Barton for years in numerous Hawkeye titles, Kate Bishop got her own Hawkeye series at the end of 2016 and writer Kelly Thompson confirmed it comes to an end in March, but she has something else up her sleeve. One prevailing theory is that she is the writer handpicked by Brian Michael Bendis to take over his Jessica Jones series as he prepares to move to DC Comics in 2018.

Thompson wrote on Twitter: “Yeah, as some of you are guessing from that cover, #16 will be our last issue of #Hawkeye. Obviously, I’m disappointed, but I’m really proud of our book & 16 issues is a solid number in modern times. And there’s maybe something interesting coming next? We’ll see!”

The Unbelievable Gwenpool was the most veteran of the titles canceled, as it began after the line-wide relaunch following 2015’s Secret Wars, and was confirmed by series writer Christopher Hastings as coming to an end with February’s issue #25.

All of these titles recently got brand new storylines and pushes as part of Marvel Legacy, an initiative started to bring books closer back to more classic Marvel roots and explore new areas, but seemingly that push and new numbering for many did not help in the long-run.

As Walker pointed out on Twitter about Luke Cage‘s ending, sales were the reason behind these cancelations.

All of these titles were part of the recent push from Marvel to branch out of their big name, mostly white male, heroes and teams. They were also all some of the lowest selling titles from Marvel in recent months.


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