DC’s Young Animal imprint gets a cosmic style relaunch in 2018

Most of the current titles gain new titles or subtitles, directions & #1's but retain their current creative teams.

Cave Carson Interstellar Eye 01 Featured

Over a year after giving a Rebirth to their superhero line of comics, DC Comics is ready to do the same for another branch of their comics. Instead of it being a return to classic stories or legacy numbering, this Rebirth will give a bit more interstellar upgrade to some titles.

DC Comics has announced that the Young Animal imprint led by Umbrella Academy writer & former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will be relaunching all their titles with shiny new #1’s in March along with new directions and titles for the books. Way and DC launched the Young Animal books last year with four core titles as a way to offer some books that were focused on quirky and underused corners of the DC Universe.

Mother Panic, Shade the Changing Girl and Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye will all come to an end after the four main books (including the Way written Doom Patrol) crossover with the main DC Universe for the Milk Wars crossover event which teams up each of the books with different DC Comics heroes to face off against 50’sesque versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others.

Despite the changes in titles and relaunching, the books will retain their creative teams.

“Young Animal is back to bringing the weird, with all your favorite characters going in drastically new directions not even they could expect,” Way said. “Find out what these characters are up to now, and how they’ve hit their next level of evolution.”

Shade the Changing Woman 01

Shade the Changing Girl turns into Shade the Changing Woman on March 7th, with writer Cecil Castellucci and artist Marley Zarcone staying on the title which finds the main character Lorna Shade getting rid of her alien side to remain a human fully and runs into the original Changing Man along the way.

Cave Carson Interstellar Eye 01

Cave Carson gets himself an upgrade as Jon River and Michael Avon Oeming’s Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye turns into Cave Carson has an Interstellar Eye on March 21st, with Cave and his daughter getting flung into the future during one of their adventures.

Mother Panic Gotham AD 01

Jody Houser, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Ibrahim Moustafa’s Mother Panic keeps its main title but gains a subtitle to become Mother Panic: Gotham A.D. on March 28th, and moves the character into a future ten years beyond the current title to face a Gotham city without a Batman and where vigilantes are outlawed.

Eternity Girl 01

These titles will be joined by the brand new series Eternity Girl on March 7th from Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liew. It is a miniseries that spins out of the Milk Wars event and follows former superhero and super-spy Caroline Sharp who has been deformed and is unable to die and looks to solve this by destroying the universe.

There currently is no word on if the main series Doom Patrol from Way and Nick Derington will undergo any changes at this point.


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