Veronica Lodge becomes a creature of the night in Archie Comics Vampironica series

Vampironica 01 Featured

There was a time where many just thought of Archie Comics as the home of the more all-ages wholesome fare surrounding Archie & his pals or Sonic the Hedgehog and other characters. Then the publisher began to shift in the last few years by rebooting their entire Archie/Riverdale line and launched a brand new horror imprint.

Previously the line launched titles where Archie took the lead in an undead apocalypse with Afterlife with Archie, Sabrina got a more horror/dramatic turn with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and recently Jughead got turned into a werewolf for Jughead: The Hunger. Now it’s time for resident socialite Veronica Lodge to get her horror spotlight.

As revealed by io9, the sibling team of Greg and Megan Smallwood will write, with Greg doing art with Jack Morelli on lettering, the brand new series Vampironica where Veronica is turned into a vampire and must turn upon those in Riverdale to satisfy her new hunger. Despite her new undead status, Veronica will continue to be the lovable rich girl focused on her social status.

“Fans can rest assured that we’ll be staying faithful to the core of these characters,” Greg Smallwood said. “It was very important to Megan and I that Vampironica be the same Veronica that we all know and love, only now with fangs. Realistically, how would a narcissistic teenage shopaholic react to becoming a vampire? We found an equal amount of humor and horror in the answer to that question but the story also takes us to some amazingly heartfelt places.”

Vampironica 01

In an interesting twist, being turned into something beyond human very well might actually help humanize Veronica in some ways.

“Greg and I were both very interested in exploring the concept of a vampire Veronica without getting rid of what makes Veronica such a special character,” Megan Smallwood said. “Ironically, Vampironica humanizes Veronica in a way that only horror can. Becoming a vampire is a humbling experience for her and she’s forced to open up and expose a little vulnerability. We let Veronica’s well-established personality lead the story at all times. Vampironica is Dracula, your BFF, and the most self-absorbed girl you know all rolled up into one. Veronica Lodge never lets anyone stand in her way and that definitely holds true for Vampironica. Veronica Lodge is not the kind of girl to join any ranks, let alone vampire ranks. True to form, Veronica instead relies on her own gut-instincts. They haven’t let her down in life and they won’t let her down as she navigates the surreal world of the undead.”

Vampironica arrives on March 14, 2018.




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