Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek is shooting for an R-Rating


Star Trek Beyond

Prepare yourselves because very soon Captain Kirk and company might throw out some swear words, graphically kill some enemies or throw in a bit of nudity just for the sake of it. Recently it was reported that director Quentin Tarantino had an idea for a Star Trek film that he ran by producer J.J. Abrams, who directed the first two films of the rebooted franchise, which seemingly quickly led to the formation of a writer’s room.

According to Deadline, Tarantino met up with that writer’s room featuring Mark L. Smith, Lindsey Beer and Drew Pearce where they kicked around ideas for the film, with Smith being the apparent frontrunner to take on the job of writing the potential film. What also came out of the meeting is that reportedly Tarantino required that this film be rated R, just like all his other films, and Paramount and Abrams both agreed.

That’s right, it looks like audiences will be getting the first ever R-rated Star Trek film soon.

While this seems out of place just based on the type of series that Star Trek is, hopeful future with exploration and science and action thrown in, it also goes against what most big-budget tentpole films do. Usually, studios keep them at PG-13 in order to reach a bigger audience and bigger box office, as outside of the exceptions like a Deadpool most blockbusters with an R-rating don’t bring in the giant numbers that one expects now with many of these blockbusters.

Since the franchise rebooted in 2009 Paramount has had a hard time really gaining the traction that they expected, and Abrams departure for Star Wars, something he’s doing again right now, threw them off a bit after the lackluster response to his Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Reportedly whoever gets the writing job, they will work on a script based on Tarantino’s idea while Tarantino goes to film his next film based upon Charles Manson. Previously Tarantino had been adamant that he would only direct 10 films before retiring, with this Manson film being the ninth and Star Trek the tenth if he does direct it.

Star Trek

Currently, there is no word on if Tarantino would direct, though ending his career on a blockbuster film after spending a career doing his own films could either mean he will choose to not retire with the tenth film directed and do an eleventh afterward or will just produce Star Trek. That or move back on his retirement plans and stick around to do more films.

As of right now, there is no word if this will continue the saga that had been in place with the rebooted films, as at last report it was unclear if any or all of the actors had gained new contracts after theirs ended with Star Trek Beyond, or if it will go in a new direction.

There is no word on when they would be aiming to get this film going but with Tarantino busy and the script not even begun, it seems unlikely that this movie will appear anytime before late 2019 to 2020 potentially.


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