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The Arrowverse – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×09 “Beebo the God of War” review

The Arrowverse's strongest series ends the year with Vikings, blue furry gods & pays respects to a fallen friend.

DC LOT 3x09

There is no disputing that Crisis on Earth-X took the biggest toll on the Legends, as they lost their friend & mentor Professor Stein. This is a loss that is rightfully still hanging over the head of everyone because the man meant that much to the crew. They did gain a much more sensitive and fun duplicate of Leonard Snart though, so that was something. Right away the episode proves that despite the major loss the show is going to remain the same as it always has as the episode is one of the most fun and slapstick style that has been done, which does not take away from Stein’s loss. His sacrifice was meant to allow Jax and the others to keep doing the time hero thing that they do so he would be proud of them still doing what they do best. When a furry blue cuddly talking toy becomes the god to Vikings so that they conquer the new world, you know you’re in for a good time.

Bringing the younger Stein into things not only allowed for a way to sort of lessen the blow of older Stein’s loss but also allowed for some heavier moments among the silly ones. It also plays to the point that the crew speaks of where they seem to keep running into younger versions of themselves or ancestors which should not be happening. It also presented Jax with the temptation that many of the crew has run into before if one should attempt to warn someone or change the past in order to save someone in the future.

Honestly, the ridiculous nature of a blue furry god to the Vikings is a welcome one, as it makes sure that the episode is not too heavy. Watching the Legends actually come close to achieving a successful undercover operation only to be thwarted by Rory’s alcoholism and then by the huggable Beebo was pretty great. It kept up the thing where the Legends tend to succeed through their failure but also proved that they are learning some and actually trying to solve these missions in a better way. That is something that is hopefully maintained as the whole chainsaw method over a scalpel is fun and their signature but seeing them trying to find a middle ground is better for a good character growth and fun mixture.

DC LOT 3x09 Darhk

Damian Darhk and his daughter Nora showing up halfway through was a good swerve as it realigned the show back to touching on their season plot of the villains trying to alter the past on purpose. Their presence also added to the hilarity with Darhk’s really cheesy Odin costume and then the sort of daydream style bit where the Legends played out ways to attack him before actually going to attack him.

Seeing the Time Bureau in disarray is something that might feel good cause it gets them off the heroes backs, but it also shows how big this threat really is. With Grodd and others now teamed with the Darhk’s serving this mysterious villain, Mallus proves that all of time is in great danger. There was even a glimpse of Mallus’ home dimension or whatever it was. The only weak bit is that what Mallus is and what his evil goals are, remain too much in the shadows. This is still the strongest of the Arrowverse shows, but the other shows have at least ended their first half with the villain motives out in the open. Hopefully, this is not dragged out way too long in the new year.

Outside of all the silly things, this episode is all about character moments. Those between Mick & Leonard were the best, especially with how different this Snart is from the one we knew before. Their bickering as Leo tries to get Mick to stop drinking and admit his feelings is pretty great. Seeing Wentworth Miller unleash and let himself embrace this new in touch with his emotions and willing to be a hero Snart is a great way for him to move towards wrapping up with the character. Miller announced recently he had filmed his last scenes as the character for the entire Arrowverse, and bringing him back and letting him just go nuts with the character was a great move by the creative teams.

Jax and Stein took up some of the other character moments, and their Back to the Future loophole moment was very interesting and such a moment for Jax in the end. At times this series has played too loose with the rules of time travel where it comes off that this team is really wrecking more than fixing sometimes, but they handled it brilliantly with Stein. It fit the character perfectly that he would not want to change time, and would burn the letter instead of reading it. Just like the older Stein, the young Stein realizes that he lives a long wonderful life with great people and that trying to change that would ruin too many things. Essentially Stein made the same sacrifice for Jax and the others twice which made it that much more powerful of a moment. That it has led to Jax leaving the team in order to find his life is a bittersweet moment. Hopefully, he won’t be gone for long and somehow we’ll get a Firestorm once more.

Final Thoughts:

Season three of Legends continues to be one of the strongest and most fun shows of the Arrowverse, not letting itself get too long in things like the other shows. Outside of the fun & crazy time antics, the episode felt like a perfect conclusion to the storyline that has been playing out all season of Victor Garber’s farewell tour as Martin Stein. Writers made sure to give him so much material this season to really cut loose and enjoy himself and show off his acting chops before they lost him to Broadway. His death hung over the team, but his life and how he spent it with them is what really matters. That Constantine cliffhanger was great, it’s only a shame that we have to wait until February 2018 for more of this show.

Score: 9 out of 10


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