Another DC’s Legends of Tomorrow actor has exited The CW series

Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

SPOILERS AHEAD: This story contains spoilers for the mid-season finale of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow which aired on December 05.

When the series first launched, producers & writers, spoke about how DC’s Legends of Tomorrow would allow them to rotate characters in and out and introduce many more DC Comics superheroes and villains to the shared universe that began with Arrow. Since then some have cycled out but mostly the team has stayed the same and bonds have been made and grown.

Now on the heels of losing a member, Victor Garber departed the series to return to Broadway leading to the death of Professor Stein during the Crisis on Earth-X crossover, the team loses another. Franz Drameh’s Jefferson “Jax” Jackson met a younger version of Stein in the recent “Beebo the God of War” mid-season finale which led him to decide to leave the crew to find his own life now that Stein is gone and he is no longer Firestorm.

This departure is not limited to the character as Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Drameh has also departed the series. While the door is always open for his return he is now no longer a series regular, leaving the Legends crew a little lighter member wise.

Not only did they lose the power of Firestorm as a whole but they have lost the great mind of Stein and the mechanic skills of Jax.

The finale ended with Matt Ryan’s John Constantine, from the short-lived NBC series Constantine and some guest appearances on Arrow, appearing for a two-episode arc in 2018. Whether he’ll stick around and take up a seat on the ship or if someone else will arrive is unknown.

Currently, the team also gained a member with the alternate reality version of Leonard Snart, bringing Wentworth Miller back to the series, but it’s unclear how long that will last as Miller announced recently that he was also departing the universe.


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