Gerry Duggan announces end of Guardians of the Galaxy & teases a new series


Fans began to wonder when there was news that Marvel Comics had canceled Guardians of the Galaxy #151 after it appeared in the January 2018 solicitations. The recently released February 2018 solicitations listed two one-shots, Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock #1 with the GOTG creative team and Infinity Countdown Prime #1 with no given team, instead of any new Guardians issue.

As many suspected, that is because as of issue #150 in January, Guardians of the Galaxy, which relaunched as All-New Guardians of the Galaxy earlier this year, will end. The news was announced by writer Gerry Duggan, but it came with the silver lining that the title was ending because he had pitched something to Marvel that was far bigger than the title.

Previously the publisher had announced the new arc in #150 was the return of Adam Warlock and the title has been dealing with the return of the Infinity Stones recently. That combined with the chosen image in Duggan’s tweet seems to indicate that whatever this new project is it will include Warlock and likely the stones in some capacity.

Guardians of the Galaxy is the first of the recently renumbered Marvel Legacy titles to come to an end, after only being renumbered for five issues.


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