The New Mutants return to take on the supernatural in 2018

New Mutants Dead Souls Featured

With last springs ResurrXion initiative Marvel Comics relaunched their entire X-Men line of comics and revived the line by returning to many classic aspects of the merry mutants while also forging forward. That returning to some classic aspects is not over quite yet.

Announced by Marvel, Matthew Rosenberg and Adam Gorham will unite to launch New Mutants: Dead Souls a six-issue limited series in March that brings back together New Mutants alums Rictor, Boom Boom, Wolfsbane, and Magik along with former X-Factor member Strong Guy to take on a new supernatural threat.

“To me, the New Mutants exemplify everything I love about [super hero teams],” shares Rosenberg. “They are true underdogs, doubted and dismissed, but always ready to prove themselves. They’re the weirdos, the outcasts, the leftovers, and the misfits, but they are there for the people who need them.”

New Mutants Dead Souls

Unlike many miniseries, this series will feature six issues of standalone stories that have the group taking on various threats in the world of the supernatural. Along for the ride is Karma, another former New Mutant, who will summon the team and send them on their missions but might have a secret of her own.

“They’re constantly in way over their heads, but always rise above,” says Rosenberg of the team. “Our series takes all of that, collects some of the best New Mutants alongside oddballs better known for their time with X-Factor and X-Force, and throws them into a mission they aren’t at all ready for. We pack it full of nods to the history of the team and hints about their future, an enough creepy moments, epic battles, offbeat humor, and dysfunctional family dynamics to make a book worth of the title ‘New Mutants.’”

New Mutants: Dead Souls begins in March.



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