Legion seeks a new Shadow King with the departure of Saïd Taghmaoui

Shadow King

When season two of FX & Marvel’s Legion arrives in 2018 it will come with a villain that will be played by two different people. After being cast as the villainous Amahl Farouk/Shadow King back in JulyWonder Woman star Saïd Taghmaoui has suddenly departed the currently in production second season, according to Variety. 

A spokesperson for FX confirmed his departure to Variety, a decision to recast the role already having been made. There is no word on why Taghamaoui is departing or who the series might be looking to for his replacement.

Production began back in September meaning that the show was likely pretty far into filming, with no word on how many scenes Taghamaoui had completed at the point of his departure. This change in the villain’s appearance could come soon into the season or at the midway point or further potentially.

Such a change might seem odd at first but is par for the course on the series and in the comics, it’s adapted from. In season one Aubrey Plaza & Quinton Boisclair played the two versions of Shadow King that were already seen in the series, both coming back for season two, and in the comics, Shadow King hasn’t had his own body for years but generally takes on the guise of Farouk in the Astral Plane. Most times he’s taken on the form of others or has taken over others when he’s plagued Professor Xavier and the X-Men.

Legion season two is set to arrive sometime next year.





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