Morgan Jones will be The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover character

Lennie James TWD

A moment that AMC zombie apocalypse fans have been awaiting has finally taken one step closer to reality. After a couple of years denying that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will ever crossover, the second show taking place a few years before the original series current day, producers decided it was time to give fans what they wanted when they announced at New York Comic Con that a crossover was coming.

During the latest episode of Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick revealed that the character that will be making the leap from one show to another will be Lenny James Morgan Jones, who will appear in season four of Fear the Walking Dead in 2018.

That is quite an interesting choice for a few reasons. Before Morgan fully came back into The Walking Dead he was not in a good place. He was seen as crazy during season three of the series and then season six had an episode where he got his mind back together before he found Rick again.

That begs the question how this crossover will work, though it is possible that before he found Rick and company again he somehow crosses paths with the Fear cast. Details about this crossover are still being kept under wraps.

Revealing the character at this point makes a lot of sense namely because the cast & crew of Fear the Walking Dead will be reporting to set soon to film the upcoming fourth season, and rumors and images of characters on set are bound to start slipping out no matter how hard the crew tries to prevent it.

Because of the time element, this is the closest we’ll get crossover wise because the shows cannot properly crossover like The CW shows have done lately and no one from FTWD can show up on TWD without it then revealing that this person will survive everything that is coming on the rest of the series.


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