Talking Dead will reveal the Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead crossover character

Walking Dead Crossover

Ever since it was announced that AMC was going to debut a The Walking Dead spinoff prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead, there have been rumors and calls for some sort of crossover. It’s been a Ross & Rachel Friends sitcom style will they/won’t they back and forth for the last few years with the producers claiming it would not happen and rumor popping up that it would.

At last though, during New York Comic Con it was revealed that creators had changed their mind and that some character will be making the leap from one show to the other at some point in the next year. There was no word on who that would be, till now that is.

It has been revealed on Twitter that the character that will be doing the crossing over will stand revealed during this weekend’s episode of The Talking Dead with Chris Hardwick.

It’s not likely that the character will be appearing in any of the few remaining TWD episodes this year, and FTWD isn’t back till next spring which makes the reveal this soon seem a bit odd. Though it could be a thing where the character is such a big reveal that they want to get the hype train started early.

Most fans money seems to be on the return of Michael Cudlitz’s Abraham Ford because he began his journey in the post-apocalyptic world in Texas and the Fear the Walking Dead crew has been moving through Mexico in their last few seasons. Them connecting would be easy to do, especially since most of what happened to Abraham in that time frame other than meeting Eugene and Rosita and the loss of his family is unknown.

There is also the chance that the person crossing over could be revealed to be a Fear the Walking Dead character that has survived and made it all the way to the east coast and will meet Rick and his crew. That would be a major spoiler though in its own way as the spinoff is a few years behind the main series, meaning that character would be guaranteed to survive all the seasons of Fear.

Whoever it turns out to be, the crossover seems like something that likely won’t happen till season 9 of The Walking Dead or the upcoming fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead, though it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the crossover could be something in the finale or second half of TWD’s current eighth season.


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