Jean Grey’s return begins as Marvel unveils a Phoenix Resurrection teaser trailer

Before she can take command of the brand new X-Men Red squad in 2018, Jean Grey first has to return to the land of the living which is the premise of the upcoming Phoenix Resurrection storyline. After thirteen years of death and teased returns the adult Jean is finally coming back in the five-part series and Marvel has released a brand new teaser for the story.

“One of the things that really excites me as an editor about the return of a character like this is where we’re going to go with her now,” added senior editor Mark Paniccia. “And her mission now, as simple as it sounds, is to save the world. The way that she does that is going to take a lot of readers by surprise.”

Phoenix Resurrection is written by Matthew Rosenberg with Leinil Yu, Carlos Pacheco, Joe Bennett, Ramon Rosanas and Khoi Pham rotating on the art duties.

“Our series examines how she comes back, why she comes back, and what that means on a bigger sense for the X-Men and the world as a whole,” said Rosenberg.

Phoenix Ressurection releases weekly across December & January before X-Men Red launches in February.


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