Fans demand a full Zack Snyder cut of Justice League in petition

Justice League Movie

It has been a pretty rough opening weekend for Justice League. Warner Bros. latest DC Comics related film has underperformed at the box office, continuing a trend, outside of this summer’s Wonder Woman, of these films not hitting the box office numbers that one would expect for a film that has some of the biggest DC superheroes.

Now a subset of fans wants to see a very different cut of the film. Earlier this year director Zack Snyder departed the film in order to deal with family tragedy leading to the studio tapping Joss Whedon to come in and handle some upcoming reshoots and finish the film off. These fans have started a petition to demand that Warner Bros. release a Snyder cut of the film along with a full score from Junkie XL, who was slated to score the film before backing out and being replaced by Danny Elfman.

Previously Snyder and Warner Bros. released a Director’s Cut of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice because it had to be cut down quite a bit from its original three-hour length. The problem is this time, there is no such cut to put out.

Unlike the BVS director cut, Snyder left the film before there was any sort of complete cut. The reshoots that Whedon oversaw were not something that he and the studio just decided to do, they were going to be done by Snyder before he and his wife decided to spend time with their family instead to deal with a tragedy.

The same is the case for a Junkie XL score, it doesn’t exist. Essentially these Snyder fans are asking for a film that does not exist to be released for public consumption.

If there is any sort of pre-Whedon cut it’s one that didn’t fit the vision that Snyder and WB had agreed upon before his departure and would not have likely gone through post-production meaning likely lots of unfinished effects and other issues that would cost the studio lots more money to finish.

With the film as it stands not doing as well in theaters as it likely should, Warner Bros. is unlikely to want to spend money putting out a second cut of the film.

This petition not only wants to seem to create something that doesn’t fully exist, it also continues to underscore one of the big issues that Warner Bros. has been running into with their DC shared universe, a very divided fan base. While Wonder Woman found a way to success mostly because it avoided many of the issues plaguing the other films, the universe as a whole has been met with various camps of fans that passionately stand by their vision of what the films should or should not be.


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