Marvel’s heroes hold the Infinity Stones in a new promotional teaser

Infinity_Promo Featured

Various forces in the Marvel Universe have been fixated on obtaining the powerful Infinity Stones and in 2018 some familiar characters will hold those stones. Marvel Comics released a new teaser that features Star-Lord, Captain Marvel & the recently resurrected Wolverine are shown holding the Power, Space and Reality stones.


According to the countdown of some kind will begin in February regarding these stones and the characters and likely much more.

Star-Lord and the Guardians are pursuing the stones in their current Guardians of the Galaxy story-line, Captain Marvel looks to be going to another reality in her upcoming arc which could be where she finds the stone and Wolverine was shown retrieving one of the stones in Marvel Legacy #1 the issue where he returned.

Based on bits and pieces from the recent stories the stones seem to have undergone some changes after the entire multi-verse was ended & then pieced back together during 2015’s Secret Wars.


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