Fox is reportedly developing a Multiple Man movie with James Frano & Allan Heinberg

Multiple Man

Despite all the talk of Disney possibly buying up Fox’s movie & television studios, it seems that Fox is still moving forward to further develop their growing X-Men franchise offerings.

According to Deadline, the studio is in the process of developing a solo Multiple Man film starring James Franco in the title role with former Wonder Woman Young Avengers writer Allan Heinberg on board to write the script. X-Men writer, producer and now director Simon Kinberg and his Genre Films company will produce the film alongside Franco and his Ramona Films that he runs with his brother Dave and Vincent Jolivette.

While he’s had moments that he’s been bigger in comics, including headlining Peter David’s X-Factor series from 2005-2013, Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man hasn’t ever really been one of the big headlining mutant characters in the X-Men world. Previously Eric Dane portrayed the character in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, which was the first X-Men film that Kinberg was involved in as a writer.

Franco is not new to comic book films of course as he previously played the role of Harry Osborn in all three of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films from Sony.

After mostly sticking to the main X-Men films with the Wolverine solo films as the only deviation, Fox has been really digging into the vast swath of characters and teams they have the rights to in the X-Men world. The Deadpool sequel, X-Force, New Mutants, and Gambit are just some of the films planned for the next few years alongside X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

There is no word on what direction the film will take but one route it could take is the detective/private investigator route that the Madrox miniseries and the eventual X-Factor ongoing series both followed and which helped bring Madrox more into the spotlight as a character.



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