Bendis has chosen the next writer to take over Jessica Jones solo series

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When news dropped that Brian Michael Bendis was departing Marvel Comics after 17 years for DC Comics, understandably many fans began to worry about the futures of the vast swath of characters he created for the publisher. Currently, Bendis has titles featuring many of those characters like Riri Williams, Miles Morales and Jessica Jones.

Fear not readers, Bendis has confirmed that at least one of the aforementioned characters will have someone new, handpicked by Bendis, guiding them.

Taking to his Tumblr, Bendis confirmed that a new writer has been chosen to take over Jessica Jones after the current “Purple” arc comes to an end.  Also as many fans online were hoping for, that new writer will be a woman.

Truth told I was already leaving Jessica after “Purple,” for a Marvel project that is sadly no longer, and had already picked my replacement,” Bendis said.  “She is amazing.  I will not be updating you on Marvel’s plans here as it is theirs to announce and certainly not my place.  But do not take that as anything but me respecting the process.  I am so happy for all m’babies next evolution. ”

As for the project that will be no more after his choice to take on a new challenge at DC, it could be the Punisher: End of Days miniseries announced back in June, as a sequel to Daredevil: End of Days, or something else entirely. The Punisher miniseries has not been solicited since it was announced this summer.

This new writer for Jessica Jones will likely be announced relatively soon as the solicitations for the month where the arc ends should be close at hand based upon the wording of previous solicitations. As for his other books, announcements likely will not be coming for a bit because even though Bendis is leaving Marvel next month many of his titles will likely still be running with his name until potentially early spring.


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