Batman & Wonder Woman headline a new volume of The Brave and the Bold

Brave and the Bold Featured

DC Comics return to many classic staples with last year’s DC Rebirth will continue in 2018 with the return of a classic team-up title. As reported by the Washington Post, artist Liam Sharp will write and draw a brand new six issue mini-series edition of The Brave and the Bold titled The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman which teams up the two iconic characters for a new adventure.

Fresh off a recent run on Wonder Woman with Greg Rucka, Sharp’s story will mix Wonder Woman’s Amazonian mythology with legends of Irish and Celtic gods when one of the Irish gods dies and Diana brings in Batman to help investigate the death.

“The fact that they’ve pegged it to ‘The Brave and the Bold’ makes so much sense. It’s thrilling,” Sharp said. “It kind of gave it even more gravitas and gave it a real reason for being. It just seemed like perfect timing. There’s an element of classicness to the whole concept as well. It just gives it more weight.”

Brave and the Bold

The new series will be a continuation of what Sharp and Rucka started in their Wonder Woman run as it will take place soon after their final issue. Sharp said that Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor will still be a couple, but he will explore the romantic spark between the lead characters of this series that has popped up in various adaptations over the years, notably during the fan-favorite Justice League animated series.

“There’s a moment [between Batman and Wonder Woman] in it. It’s more of a nod than anything else,” Sharp said. “I fell very much in love with the Steve and Diana story during the series with Greg. We felt like we gave him a certain richness to his personality that perhaps he’d lacked somewhat previously. There was a sense that the fanbase said this is right and this is how it should be. So I don’t want to spoil that. That’s the [Wonder Woman] that we created and that’s the dynamic that we created, but at the same time there is a [romantic] nod [to Batman].”

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman begins on February 21.



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