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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×06 “Midvale” review

A trip to the past brings sisters together & contains a shout out to another super show of the past.


When life seems to be pummelling you & you’ve lost someone or something that is very important to you, sometimes the best way to recover is to take a trip home. In order to give Alex time to deal with breaking up with Maggie after they discovered they can’t agree on kids, & to also poke again at Kara’s still not being over Mon-El, the sisters take a trip back to Midvale and on the way seem to take a detour into Riverdale instead. Most of the episode is a flashback to the girl’s time in high school when they could not get along because of Kara’s being adopted, but their sisterly bond begins to show up when they are confronted with dealing with a murder mystery that claims the life of one of Kara’s few friends. It’s hard not to get some vibes from the fellow CW series Riverdale with moody teens and people getting killed in the woods.

While grief can cloud things it was about time that Kara was called out by both Alex and their mother Eliza about how she pretends to be fine and also can be a bit selfish at times, taking six months to mope herself but expecting Alex to just open up after days. Carrying a burden like the one that Kara carries with her abilities & where she comes from isn’t easy, but at times it does lead to her acting as if her pain and the things she has to deal with are somehow always bigger than what others are dealing with. A trait that seems to have been a lot of what had the sisters at odds when they were younger, because Alex was hurting and Kara was the easiest target because of her own anger and pain. Getting to explore the sisters bond and seeing how it was formed was a really nice detour this week, even if it sort of felt very over the top in many ways. In a way them dealing with trying to solve a murder case with Kara’s abilities made me think about Smallville and all the similar adventures Clark went through.


Speaking of Smallville, apparently, we now know that at least parts of it or elements of it are now part of this continuity. It’s doubtful that all of the stuff that happened in the ten seasons of that former series are now the past of this world because a lot of it got really weird and of course the Jimmy of this world is different and the Clark is different and all that. The quote from Kara about Clark’s friend Chloe and her Wall of Weird was a nice touch that at least says that the Smallville version of Clark’s youth is intact in this world in some way, since Chloe Sullivan is not a character that is from the long run of Superman comics but was created just for Smallville originally. It makes sense for the creators to find some way to honor the series that was one of the long stables of the former WB & then capped out it’s run on The CW. It’s also really cool that it was not just some callout and left at that, but Chole also played a key part in the episode by helping them take down a dirty murderous cop. Just like Smallville, the super-powered one blows in to save the day through big spectacle and no one notices or really questions how a giant hole in the tunnel appeared to knock out the cop.

One big issue that has cropped up since the start of the season is people not dealing with their feelings and issues as they should to get better, which is a realistic thing in many ways but it can feel dragged out on shows like this. This week a big step was taken near the end when the sisters finally began to openly discuss their feelings and seem to be making progress to actually getting better. Just like real life, it’s a process that surely is not over and both will likely be dealing with their losses for more episodes in subtle or not so subtle ways, but having them actually address it was a good step. Next week’s preview seems to confirm for Kara the issues are about to come back to a forefront in a very painful way.

Final Thoughts:

While this episode takes a break from everything and everyone else that is normally in the series, though David Harewood & Erica Durance have a nice combined cameo spot in the episode, it’s a nice break to just have one big plot to focus on with the present day stuff being the framing devices at the start and end of the episode. Honestly, it made me think that I would totally watch a Smallville like series of Kara and Alex’s cases and adventures as teenagers in Midvale. Solving crimes and taking on bad guys that crop up while keeping their secrets and continuing to bond as sisters. There you go The CW, you’re next teen drama series has written itself, The Adventures of Supergirl or something similar. This week was just an enjoyable trip into the past that built up a lot of character moments which is nice because sometimes that can get lost in all the action of these types of shows. Unfortunately, it looks like the drama of Mon-El will be rearing its head in next week’s episode but at least we had this one to sort of take a break from things. It was a nice break.

Score: 9 out of 10


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