Wonder Woman 2 gains a new release date further away from Star Wars: Episode IX

Wonder Woman

Whatever time period & foe Wonder Woman faces in her upcoming sequel, the one battle she will no longer be facing is one against Rey, Poe, Finn and the rest of the current Star Wars trilogy characters.

Warner Bros. has announced that Wonder Woman 2 has been moved from it’s December 13, 2019 release date to the six weeks earlier date of November 1, 2019. This means the film will no longer compete with Star Wars: Episode IX Wicked which both are set to be released on December 20, 2019.

With the big blockbuster style films moving out of the summer and taking over more of the calendar each year, it’s become a bit harder for the big films to find a date that keeps them away from other big competitors. Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and Warner Bros. Justice League ended up with just two weeks between their November release dates this year.

In recent years February, March & December have proven to be just as fertile spots for big films to grow in as the summer months and now November is quickly joining the list.

Currently, there are no other films scheduled for November 1, 2019 giving Wonder Woman 2 some breathing room.


(Via: Newsarama)


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