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The Arrowverse – The Flash 4×05 “Girl’s Night Out” review

Iris & the rest of the women take charge to take down this week's metahuman foes, while Barry & the guys have their own issues.

The Flash 4x05

A tried & true method to manage to give a bit of fun spotlight to all or most of a show’s cast is splitting the party up for different adventures. For The Flash this week that was done quite easily by just sending the group out for Barry & Iris’ bachelor & bachelorette parties. While the party aspect allows for some ridiculous drunk fun and silly things to happen, the writers didn’t just stop with that as the focus of the episode. Wrapped into the high jinks on the road to a Barry/Iris wedding is finally some answers about what Caitlin/Killer Frost was up to before the season with part of the ongoing newly created metahumans plot slipping into the story in an interesting way. The best part of it all is that for the most part Barry and the rest of the guys take the night off for more down to earth worries while it’s Iris, Felicity, Cecilia and Caitlin that get the most focus and get to do the whole superhero taking on meta gig for the night, thus of course the reason for the episode’s title.

Getting to see the women solve the problems and take on the big bad all on their own was great. This might be Barry’s show overall, but all the characters that surrounded him are not only strong and capable but deserve to have more chances to shine even with a speedster around. Iris’ taking a leadership role and guiding the team as a whole this season has been a great turn for her especially since most of the time before she seemed to just kind of be only slightly connected to the team and ended up being a damsel for Barry to save many times. This was something that actually in it’s own way played a part in the episode where Caitlin/Frost mentioned that her and Iris are work friends which is much different than anything beyond that. This was a nice thing to touch on because it’s always just assumed that in these types of shows that a whole group that works together to save the day are all just of course friends. While Cisco and Barry are best friends through and through and Harry and Joe seem to have some things to bond over, that doesn’t mean everyone on the team is all the type of friends that can open up to one another about everything.

On the villain side, Katee Sackhoff was eating it up playing the metal control metahuman black market kingpin Amunet. The accent she chose for the role was a bit much at times, but it was clear that Sackhoff was having a pretty good time hamming it up and beating down everyone with her mighty metal fist. How and where she might factor into things again is an interesting questions, since the role is a recurring one. Having someone that is controlling the metahuman black market, secretly before this episode, could be intriguing with all the new metahumans popping up. It will be very interesting to see in regards to what it brings for Caitlin especially since she seemingly now has reached a peace between herself and Killer Frost. Though as we all know with drama, that cannot last forever.

The Flash 4x05 Boys

Having Cisco’s planned night of family videos and fine brandy ruined by Ralph Dibney’s appearance and dragging them to a strip club was cliche in a way for bachelor party craziness in a show, but it lead to quite a bit of fun. Drunk sad chicken wing Titanic question asking Barry who screams to all that he is the Flash but can’t seem to actually show that off was pretty great. The strip club antics and the typical fight that leads to the characters in jail was all fun, but the best part of the guy’s storyline, outside of drunk Barry, was the talk that Barry and Joe had. Much of the first seasons spent a lot of time showing how much Joe had done for Barry by raising him and showed they had a good relationship, yet most of Barry’s actions were about fixing the timeline so that he had his birth parents back and therefore would not be raised by Joe. But Joe being the guy he is he never really said much about it because he cared about Barry and wanted him to be happy. So to see Barry more focused on Joe being his dad basically and speaking about how he and the others will be there to help Joe as he raises another kid was very touching.

Final Thoughts:

So far this season The Flash has found a very good way to balance returning to some more fun for the group but also continuing to move their story forward in meaningful ways. This episode did the dance well as it kept the dramatic moments  but weaved in the sillier types of moments that remind you that these people are friends and a family and just young people still trying to figure things out while being surrounded by the insanity of the super powered world. I’m glad there has been some peace found in the Caitlin/Killer Frost dynamic for the time being because the secret keeping and issues like that sometimes get drawn out way too long and can bog things down. Now it’s out there and the team is all on the same page with one another. While he’s interesting, Ralph still feels like he sticks out in this group like a sore thumb and it’s kind of sad that because of his expensive special effects heavy powers and other issues to do with who gets the spotlight, we don’t get to have Wally here who already fit in well. It seems like every season there has to be some person that is new to the group but is prickly and doesn’t quite fit in. Harry in season two, Julian in season three and now Ralph. He does bring some chuckles which is nice, but here is hoping he starts fitting in much better soon.

Score: 9 out of 10


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