Wentworth Miller announces his departure from The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow

CW Captain Cold

When it comes to the future of The CW universe the icy villain Captain Cold will not be around for long to cause trouble for the Flash & his team or the time-hopping Legends. Actor Wentworth Miller has revealed through Instagram that his time in The CW DC Universe is coming to an end.

Wentworth’s post read: “Currently shooting some of my final episodes ‘Captain Cold/Leonard Snart’ on the CW’s Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. Grateful – now and in advance – to a pair of talented casts and hardoworking crews…Thank you…I’ve had a tremendous time playing this character…It’s been an opportunity, an education and a f—ing blast.”

After playing the character in a recurring capacity since season one of The Flash, Miller moved over as a regular for Legends of Tomorrow before his character died off at the end of that first season in order to save his team and time itself. Death did not stop the character though as Miller was the first, followed by John Barrowman as Merlyn and Katie Cassidy as Black Canary/Black Siren, to sign a new deal with The CW that allowed his character to appear across the CW DC Universe.

Captain Cold was last seen as part of the Legion of Doom in season two of Legends of Tomorrow, before the heroes defeated that team and he was returned to his proper point in time with his memories of his death and future erased.

Miller’s exit comes at a time where his fellow The Flash recurring actor and Legends of Tomorrow regular Victor Garber is set to make his exit from the universe later this season. Garber is set to return to Broadway and the exit of his character Martin Stein is currently being setup across the recent episodes of Legends of Tomorrow with a full departure likely to occur before or around the mid-season finale point.



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