21st Century Fox & Disney reportedly had talks for Disney to partially buyout Fox

21st Century Fox

In a scene from the Disney animated classic Lion King, King Mufasa tells young Simba that everything that the light touches is their kingdom. For Disney the light that signifies their vast kingdom might very well shine on part’s that were once the kingdom of Twenty-First Century Fox.

According to CNBC, Fox and Disney have been holding talks with one another that would see most of Fox sold off to the Walt Disney Co, leaving Fox to have a media company that is tightly focused on just News and Sports. These talks have gone for weeks and there is no definitive answer if it would lead to a deal or not.

With the world of entertainment changing rapidly, it makes sense that Fox might want to consolidate and focus more on a few areas to better compete instead of just mostly competing in a vast variety of areas. Disney is a juggernaut in the entertainment industry already with their reach extending into almost all facets from the original Disney animation to live-action films to Marvel, Pixar, sports with ESPN, multiple television networks and much much more including their own upcoming streaming platforms.

Part of the deal if it happened would mean that Disney would take control of the Fox movie studios and the significant TV production assests the company has. This would certainly bolster Disney’s efforts to create their streaming platform as they would have even more media at their disposal to build something to compete with their current streaming partner Netflix.


The deal would not include the Fox broadcast network since a company can’t own two of those and Disney has ABC, it would not include the Fox Sports networks as Fox is keeping those and Disney has ESPN and it would not include the Fox News or Business channels or the local Fox broadcasting affiliates.

For comic book and nerdy culture fans this would mean that Disney would potentially easily be regaining control of the entire X-Men franchise and movie rights if this deal went through. Meaning they could either continue it on the path it’s going or eventually fold it right back into the already controlled Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

If this deal goes through, the dreams of many fans for the X-Men and Avengers and company might very well become a reality.



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