Tyrese threatens to quit Fast & Furious films over feud with Dwayne Johnson

Fast and Furious 7

Any fan, even a casual fan, could likely tell you that the main core concept in the Fast and Furious films, besides fast cars & ridiculous explosive stunts, is about family. Vin Diesel’s Dom says the word enough through most of the films that it’s pretty much been drilled into the heads of the cast and audience over almost two decades.

It seems that concept of family only goes so far though.

Following the big to do about some possible beef between Dwayne Johnson and Diesel or someone else last year while filming Fate of the Furious, the Fast crew has a whole new beef to deal with. Tyrese Gibson, who plays the big mouth jokester Roman Pearce in the series, has taken to Instagram to threaten to quit the series if Johnson appears in the upcoming ninth film of the series.

This feud is reportedly one that began because of Fast and Furious 9 being delayed so that a spinoff film can be created starring Johnson’s Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw.


Universal has committed itself to two more Fast films in order to finish off the main franchise, but has been interested in the idea of spinoffs in order to keep the franchise going in some way.

While last year’s beef was thought to be for sure between Johnson and Diesel, after Johnson took to Instagram to namelessly call out some of his male co-stars as ‘candy asses,’ Diesel is an executive producer and pretty much the big voice in charge when it comes to the Fast films as a whole, the spinoff included. Meaning that he not only has likely signed off on this spinoff but is behind it fully.

Diesel even took to Instagram previously, using a photo of himself and Johnson, to say that the spinoff didn’t cause the delay but needing time to fine tune the film to what they want it to be caused the delay. Seemingly coming off as the spinoff becoming a thing for sure in order to fill in the gap of time that delaying the ninth film would have caused, so that the franchise stays in the forefront of minds.

At the end of the day Johnson is a huge star right now, seemingly filming film after film back to back, and is ultimately going to win out in any sort of battle over who gets to continue to be part of these films. Time will tell how far Gibson, Johnson, Diesel or Universal is willing to go to squash these internal squabbles that seem to keep popping up.

Fast and Furious 9 is set for an April 10, 2020 release.


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