The Flash is building an entire Council of Harrison Wells later this season

Flash Harrison Wells

Later this season The Flash will be taking a page out of a playbook similar to that of the fan favorite animated series Rick and Morty.  Just like Rick and Morty, The CW series will be introducing a council of sometimes prickly super smart geniuses with the Council of Wells.

After showing of his acting chops in the past few seasons playing a few versions of the same character, actor Tom Cavanagh will be very busy on an upcoming episode of The Flash as he’ll be playing various versions of Harrison Wells as they come together to solve a problem, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In November 14’s episode “When Harry Met Harry the Earth-2 version of Wells (who is currently part of Earth 1’s Team Flash again) will reach out to the smartest versions of himself from across the multiverse in order to create a roundtable of brilliant minds to find out the identity of the season’s new villain The Thinker.

“We had a sprinkling of it when they were on their quest for H.R. Wells last year where we had Hells Wells, Mime Wells, and Steampunk Wells, and so that was just a one-off, but that got everybody’s juices flowing like, ‘If we were to do that, what would that look like with there being a Council of Wells that could convene?” Cavanagh said. “We thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be completely obnoxious and shameless when I get ahold of it,’ and it is proving to be super obnoxious and ultra-shameless in hopefully the most appealing way.”

The aforementioned Rick and Morty is not the only one to ever feature various versions of one character coming together, as that is really just a standard part of comic books and sci-fi franchises that feature multiple universes, it’s just one of the most recently and well known at the time.

Since Wells is not based upon any character from the comic books, it’s given a lot of leeway for Cavanagh and the writers to get creative with the various versions we’ve already seen. There is no word on if any versions we’ve seen previously will appear, but Cavanagh said he had a part in making sure whichever Wells appear they will all be very distinct form one another.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW at 8 p.m. ET/PT.


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