The Outsiders Grace Choi has been cast for The CW’s Black Lightning

Grace Choi

Another DC Comics character is about to get The CW adaptation treatment as The Outsiders Grace Choi will be making her live-action debut in 2018. According to Variety, Chantal Thuy has been cast as Grace for a recurring role in the upcoming first season of Black Lightning. 

Thuy’s Grace will be a bartender who ends up becoming the love interest of Anissa Pierce (Nafessa), the daughter of Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning. The article describes Grace as “a comic book fan who befriends Anissa while she is coming to terms with her abilities and becomes Anissa’s first confidant about the struggles and challenges of having abilities.”

Created by Judd Winick and Tom Raney for the 2003 The Outsiders series, Grace is the daughter of a Bana Amazon and has super-human strength and resilience. In the comics she was a bouncer at a meta-human nightclub instead of a bartender, but later in the series she did have a romance with Anissa.

Currently there is no release date for Black Lightning but it’s expected to debut as a mid-season series in early 2018.


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