Warner Bros. has tapped Zachary Levi to play the mighty hero Shazam


After months of rumors and searches that included names like John Cena & Jake McDorman, Warner Bros. has found their mightiest mortal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zachary Levi has been tapped for the starring role in the upcoming Shazam!

David F. Sandberg is the director for the film for New Line, where it’s been in various stages of development for years, well before the current shared universe even began. In the film Levi will play the character that was formerly known as Captain Marvel but has been known as officially as Shazam since the 2011 DC Comics New 52 reboot because of Marvel holding the trademark of Captain Marvel since the 60s.

Just like in the comics the film will follow the young Billy Baston, still uncast at this point, who is granted the ability to turn into the adult superhero (Levi) by using the magical word Shazam which stands for the ancient Gods and heroes Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury from which the abilities of his hero form are derived. This power is granted to Billy by a Wizard who lives on the Rock of Eternity.

Previously Dwayne Johnson was set to play the villain/antagonist Black Adam, who is similarly powers to Shazam, in the film but plans changed and instead he’ll be starring in his own film with the possibility of them facing off in a future film on the table.

Shazam! will be the first post Aquaman when it arrives on April 5 2019.



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