Production on Sony’s Venom is officially underway


Spider-Man might have taken a lot of attention this year as the hero swung into his second reboot in five years, this time under a dual Sony & Marvel Studios banner, but his comic book nemesis is now ready for his spotlight. Sony Pictures attempt to build their own shared universe centered around Spider-Man characters has begun as Venom has started production.

A photo shared through the film’s official Twitter features star Tom Hardy alongside two other men in an artsy shot to declare that the film has begun.

Since the aforementioned deal with Marvel takes Spider-Man off the table, Venom will not have his comic book foe around to bounce off of which makes what the film will be about unclear other than Venom being Eddie Brock and the symbiote combined as anti-heroes. With Hardy on board Venom will be the keystone looked to begin the foundation for a shared universe, after Sony’s last attempt died off with the failure of Amazing Spider-Man 2 in 2014.

The Black Cat and Silver Sable duo film Silver and Black will be the second film in the shared universe, if Venom manages to take off the way that Sony really hopes. Outside of Marvel Studios most of the recent shared universes from Warner Bros. DC films to the Universal monster films have had a really rough time out of the gate.

Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed are all slated to star alongside Hardy in mystery roles. Venom is set for a October 5, 2018 release.


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