Avengers: No Surrender art pits the Black Order against the Lethal Legion

Avengers No Surrender 676 Featured

Starting in January the rosters of the Uncanny Avengers, Avengers and U.S.Avengers will combine into one large team for Marvel’s weekly 16 part Avengers: No Surrender storyline. When this happens two large villain teams will also make their return.

At the center of the event Thanos’ Black Order makes their return to face off against the Avengers as well as a brand new version of the classic villain team known as the Lethal Legion. Marvel shared a look at a double page spread featuring the villains from Pepe Larraz and David Curiel alongside their This Week in Marvel podcast.

Avengers No Surrender 676

Making their large debut in 2014’s Infinity event storyline, the Black Order served Thanos and spread their terror across the galaxy when fighting the Avengers. The interesting part of their appearance here is that they are all there, since the majority of the group were killed off in different storylines over the years.

Because of the nature of the new mystery hero Voyager being retconned into Avengers history, there will definitely be elements of time travel or time manipulation in the story that likely will explain the return of Thanos team.

The Lethal Legion on the other hand has roots far back into Avengers history, but hasn’t really been active in any form since the late 2000’s storyline Dark Reign. There is no indication who is in this new version of the team, possibly all new members or new revamped versions of old villains such as Living Laser, Nekra, Black Talon or others.

Alongside the villain spread Marvel also released first looks an Avengers #680 hero filled splash page from Kim Jacinto and an Avengers #683 page featuring Beast and Voyager from Paco Medina & Juan Viasco.

Avengers 680Avengers 683

Avengers: No Surrender begins with Avengers 675 in January written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing and Jim Zub with art by Larraz, Medina and Jacinto.


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