The Red Eye – It’s time to put a stop to the offensive sexually objectifying costumes for female comic book characters

As much as comic books and their characters have changed in the decades since their various debuts, sadly too many things are disgustingly staying the same. One of those things is the continued disrespect of many female characters.

Each of the major companies has had their issues over time from having no titles with a female lead to disgusting storylines using rape as just some plot to further men’s stories or giving female characters impractical costumes that are just meant to show off as much flesh as possible.

For every current Captain Marvel costume or Wonder Woman there is a barely there Starfire costume, Power Girl boob window, Harley Quinn booty shorts, Psylocke thong bathing suit or even Captain Marvel’s old Ms. Marvel bathing suit. There are even worse ones than those though sadly.

One of those is the newest offender, a costume for the teleporting mutant X-Men character Blink for the cover of the upcoming Cable #153.

Cable 153 (2017)

There aren’t even really any words for out of place, impractical and ridiculously disgusting the costume is. The gravity defying nature of it makes it even more ridiculous than it already was.

Even worse is that just three covers before, the just released Cable #150, has Blink in her old school green Age of Apocalypse style costume that while still having it’s own issues makes far more sense than this current abomination of a so-called costume.

Cable 150 (2017)

The worst part is just how tone-deaf the artist Jon Malin is about his continuing a horrible trend of just propping women up as sexual objects in entertainment. Instead of admitting it was a poor choice Malin decided on Twitter to go on the offensive and use a straw man style argument about no one writing in about male characters not being fully covered up in images at times.

Malin’s comments about men are made even more ridiculous by the fact that his cover has every other member of Blink’s team wearing far more practical superhero costumes that provide coverage and protection in some cases. The only other one that isn’t, besides the naked Doop, is X-23 who is wearing her old school costume but at least she has the whole super healing factor that means she really doesn’t need armor or tons of coverage. Though her costume of old is ridiculous for many reasons.

This battle Malin has chosen to fight is disingenuous and full of so much bullshit because men have not been sexual objectified anywhere near the levels of women. Those male characters that have been still get to go on and be heroes with their full costumes and aren’t treated the same way in the aftermath like women are.

People joke about Nightwing’s butt all the time, but he’s still seen as a super strong hero character and gets all the respect. While the female characters like Starfire are just used as lusty sex objects for male gaze, with the New 52 reboot version of the character being portrayed as a vapid no memory sex fiend just about.


I do not care if there is some so-called “story reason” for the costume, because that story reason would be just a way to get Blink into such a skimpy costume.

Continuing this bullshit trend of comics as male power fantasies and treating women as props for male gaze needs to stop. The medium has far transcended this. Most of the fare out there is better than this and treats women far better. Many of the female led titles at the various companies treat them with respect and are amazing to read.

Marvel has been part of that change with their amazing titles such as Ms. Marvel, America, All-New Wolverine, Hawkeye, Jean Grey and many more.

In this case they have done wrong.

Do better Marvel. Do better.


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