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The Arrowverse – Supergirl 3×02 “Triggers” review

A scenery chewing villain & interesting subplots save an episode that carries the same baggage as last week.

Supergirl 3x02

Right off the bat this episode is a step up from last week, because the angry brooding Kara that pushed everyone and everything away is gone. That’s not to say that she is suddenly better and forgetting about Mon-El. Instead we’re left with a Kara engaging in her non-Supergirl life again, but is still tortured about her loss and not handling it well. While it would be nice to see her get back to the happier brighter self, this is very realistic in how most people deal with loss. It also plays right into the villain of the week.

Compared to last week’s really lame villain plot from Morgan Edge, this week’s with Yael Grobglas’s fear inducing Psi is a step up. Nothing revolutionary of course, as her abilities and purpose are all the typical villain of the week stock to fit the main focus of the episode which is Kara’s struggles, with the motivations and backstory of Psi being pretty standard undeveloped fare. I could go on about why a person with Psi’s powers would try to rob banks in Supergirl’s main city but that would be pulling at a thread behind why any villain ever does anything like that comic book wise and that’s not something to try and unravel. That being said, Grobglas gave it her all as she fully committed to the part and seemed to be enjoying every moment. A big plus of Psi’s abilities and use brought about the really cool first person escape from Krytpon sequence, which really built up just how terrifying the entire moment and trip would have been for Kara. The addition that she was fearing all that because she feared what she had put Mon-El through was a nice touch.

Overall the episode is dealing with a lot of the same ideas that the first episode did, feeling a bit repetitious at times, as Kara is still choosing to shun most of her regular life stuff (such as the moment Lena has to confront her about not being able to be an employee that just runs off all the time) and even claims that if Psi and the fears keep her from being Supergirl she has nothing really. While like noted before this is realistic to how loss and trauma don’t just fade away quickly, having Kara pretty much learn the same lesson two weeks in a row is a bit much. Hopefully it isn’t rehashed with episode three. The subplots outside of Kara really helped when the episode felt a little too repetitious.

Superigrl 3x02 Reign 2

On the non-Supergirl & villain front, the fact that the series has moved quickly to place the new character Samantha (Odette Annable), soon to be villain/antagonist Reign, right into the orbit of Kara and her friends by giving her a job at L-Corp and tying her into Lena Luthor’s purchase of Catco was a great one. It’s being heavily telegraphed though that this hard working single mom’s path to becoming Supergirl’s big foe in the season is going to of course deal with the loss of her daughter Ruby in some way. Though with the way that kid is adamant about her mom having superpowers and putting herself into danger it’s likely this loss is probably right around the corner.

Telegraphing things is heavy in these two episodes and in the bits of news that The CW released before. It works well in the fact that The CW let us know that Samantha becomes Reign, because it makes her story even more tragic to follow as we know that at some point something bad will happen to turn her from L-Corp runner and single mom into big time villain. In the middle is the telegraphing that James & Lena are headed for some big headbutting or confrontations over Catco in the future which might actually add some spice around the workplace setting. On the other side the telegraphing that surrounds Maggie and Alex relationship is on the tiresome side. It’s clear that writers are working to break up the relationship with some of the issues they had last week down to the super cliche never talking about kids issue leading to them finding out that they are on different pages about starting a family. It’s s shame that they are clearly pushing to a breakup, since Maggie’s actress is still just a recurring part rather than a regular.

Final Thoughts:

Overall my second dive into the world of Supergirl was still enjoyable, though a bit of a rehash of the week before. I’m not really getting the bright and happy vibe that many talked about for the first season of the series, but as noted recently that is something that is a bit missing from most of the Arrowverse shows. Based upon the preview for the next episode the brightness is not coming back right away, but that’s okay. Not all things have to be bright always. As long as Kara is able to grow and move past rehashing the same lesson about her life it will work out. The scenery chewing villain and the subplots helped this episode quite a bit.

Score: 8.5 out of 10


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