Joker & Rorschach take the spotlight on Doomsday Clock #4 & 5 covers

Artist Gary Frank is in a very sharing type mood when it comes to the upcoming Doomsday Clock event he’s working on with Geoff Johns. Taking to Twitter, Frank shared the currently unsolicited cover for Doomsday Clock #4 and alternate cover for Doomsday Clock #5

Issue four features Watchmen character Rorschach appearing somewhat in the syrup upon a stack of pancakes, the character having been recently revealed during New York Comic Con to be returning in some capacity in the event. The alternate cover for issue five features a version of Joker, DC Universe: Rebirth #1 revealed there are three Jokers running around out there, putting on some makeup.

Doomsday Clock 04Doomsday Clock 05

Doomsday Clock begins in November. Doomsday Clock #4 #5 are likely set for February and March releases.


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