Fox’s X-Men spinoff Gambit locks down a 2019 release date


After spending years taking a ride on a dizzying merry-go-round of development, that included losing a director twice, things are finally solidifying for Fox’s Gambit film. The X-Men spinoff has now officially nabbed a release date of February 14, 2019 and has reportedly secured Pirates of the Caribbean series director Gore Verbinski, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Channing Tatum has been locked to play the kinetic energy charged playing cards throwing New Orleans thief for the last few years but both Doug Liman and Rubert Wyatt were previously attached to direct but left to pursue other projects as the film languished in development and had issues with the script.

The locked down date comes just a week after it was reported Verbinski was in talks fr the director role and not long after Tatum revealed that the studio had started over fresh on the script that they were not fully happy with.

This is the latest in a string of films that are now growing the 17-year old X-Men franchise following last year’s Deadpool and this year’s Logan along with next year’s Deadpool 2 and the New Mutants. There are also already plans for a Deadpool 3 and for an ensemble X-Force film (starring Deadpool and Cable from the Deadpool sequel) as well as the continuation of the main series with next year’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

Fox also locked down numerous dates this summer that stretch all the way into 2021 for their Marvel X-Men related films. New Mutants is also reportedly one that was conceived as a trilogy of films.



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