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The Arrowverse – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×01 “Aruba-Con” review

It's business as usual as the Legends are back to try and fix problems in history that they helped to create.


Out of all The CW Arrow related series last season, it was hands down DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that was the best and most fun of them all. That’s because the series realized it should stop taking itself so super serious and just enjoy what it is: a series that sends it’s heroes through time on crazy adventures.

Last season left off with the crazy idea that the Legends work to stop the Legion of Doom, by interacting with themselves in the past, broke time itself leaving them in a crazy version of Los Angles with dinosaurs roaming the streets. That premise was quickly swept away in the first few moments of the episode as Rip Hunter returned (after an off screen five years) with his brand new Time Bureau who cleaned up the mess, then relieved the team of their duty and sent them back home. While it would have been cool to see the dinosaurs and time brokenness go a bit more with the team reacting, the rest of the episode easily made up for it as the team did their usual thing. Rip’s team did the logical thing to relieve the Legends, as their wacky ways are what broke time, but the Legends are the ones we’re here to see so of course we root for them to say “screw it” and take back their ship to prove they have what it takes.

Watching the Legends try and get back into regular lives was one of the most fun parts of the episode, especially Sara’s short stint at Sinks, Showers & Such. Ray’s Silicon Valley experience was amusing but also too real in the idea that a lot of companies are about just taking something someone else did and revising it with a slight change.

It’s the moments where the team begins to slowly come back together where the strength of this episode and series lies. The family dynamic. Originally in the first season producers spoke about how new seasons of the show could be like an anthology where they rotate out swaths of the cast, and that was done in a way with season two as the Hawks were replaced by Citizen Steel and Vixen, but this season there isn’t really that shift because the group really bonded and bounced off one another well in season two where they are a tight knit dysfunctional family unit. Season two proved that all the way to the end where even though Rory betrayed them in a way, he still made up for it and the crew made it through things to fix time once more.


The plot isn’t the most revolutionary thing as it’s just about the Legends trying to prove to Rip’s Time Bureau that they are still able to do things, as they hunt down the real Julius Caesar who ended up in Aruba and try to get him back to the correct time. That’s fine though, because it allows the team a chance to bounce off one another and do that thing they do where they just do what they think is the best despite the consequences. I mean come on, the episode features Julius Caesar trying to raise an army of frat boys in Aruba to conquer the world and only be thwarted by the Legends hacking a dating app to give the frat boys all a match that they cannot resist. That’s pretty great. Their stated chainsaw style may not be as elegant as the scalpel like style of the Time Bureau, but it sure is a lot more fun.

There isn’t a lot within the episode to fully setup where things will be going forward, the big bad/threat that will be overarching, but it does get the Legends back into business. There are some vague references to the evil that is to come and Rip saying the Legends will be potentially one of the best deterrents against that evil.

Final Thoughts:

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is keeping to a formula that worked last season to steady the series and make it great. Sticking to business as usual might have meant not really paying off on the season two cliffhanger, but it means that the series is not losing who it is and is continuing to be fun. Sure the Legends screwing up is no where near as effective as Rip’s Time Bureau efficiency but it leads to a lot more bro hugs, high fives, fights against or for famous people in history & a lot more zany things that is way more fun in the long run. I’m fully on board with where this show will go this year.

Score: 9 out of 10


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