Marvel turns to former X-Statix writer for new Legion miniseries


Earlier this week, prior to New York Comic Con, Marvel Comics shared that they would be launching a new Legion series in 2018. At the time nothing other than that it would arrive in January 2018 was shared about the title.

Now it has been revealed that former X-Force X-Statix writer Peter Milligan is returning to Marvel in order to write this brand new Legion series with Wilfredo Torres handling the series art.


Just like was revealed for the 2018 launching Rogue & Gambit series by Kelly Thompson & Pere Perez, Legion will be a five-issue miniseries. While Rogue & Gambit will launch in January, Legion will make it’s debut in February.

Whether the new series will address the matter of Legion wiping himself out of existence at the end of his solo X-Men: Legacy series that launched in 2012 or change David Haller to be more like the version in the FX Legion TV series remains to be see.

(Via: Newsarama)


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