The Librarians season four gains a trailer & a release date

Life is not easy when you’re a Librarian, especially when the type of Librarian you are is a superhero that helps protect the world from magic and mystical entities out to conquer, rule or destroy all of humanity. Based on the new trailer, things won’t be getting any easier for the Flynn Carson (Noah Wyle), Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and their charges in the fourth season of TNT’s original series The Librarians. 

Something is wrong with the other dimensional Library, the place where all the mystical and magical items both good and evil are stored to protect the world, as it’s beginning to uncouple from reality. Keeper of the library and knowledge, Jenkins (John Larroquette) warns that if they cannot find out what is wrong “It will be game over.”

Returning on December 20, The Librarians spun out of several TV Movies that TNT ran through the early 2000s starring Noah Wyle’s Flynn Carson as the sole Librarian. The series stars Wyle, Romijn, Larroquette, Christian Kane, John Harlan Kim and Lindy Booth.


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