Marvel announces Hulk/Wolverine hybrid clone series Weapon H for 2018

Weapon H FEatured

What happens when you take the DNA of Wolverine and Hulk and combine it together? That is the question that was answered earlier this year with the Mutants of Mass Destruction crossover between Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X which introduced the character that was a cross between each hero known as Weapon H.

Marvel isn’t finished with this character or concept quite yet as during their Marvel Legacy: Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con the publisher announced the launching of a brand new Weapon H series coming in March, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

No other details such as a creative team or direction for the title were announced yet.


So far during the current arc of X-Force, The Hunt for Weapon H,” there have been small revelations and bits of information dropped about just who this new character is that Weapon X turned into a massive weapon. Through technology means he has the adamantium skeleton and claws of Wolverine and the size, strength and rage of the Hulk but is able to somehow shift between human and Hulk size without his body ripping itself apart.

More information about the title will likely arrive closer to it’s debut.


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