Marvel explores T’Challa’s origins in new Rise of the Black Panther series

Rise of the Black Panther Featured

In 2018 Marvel Comics is preparing to release another title focused on the Black Panther, this time taking a look at his origins and his rise as a hero and king. Announced through iO9, the new six-issue series Rise of the Black Panther will give T’Challa his own sort of ‘Year One’ style story coming from iO9 writer Evan Narcisse who was recruited by Black Panther writer & journalist Ta-Nehisi Coate.

“This is essentially the story of T’Challa’s first year as king, where he makes the decision to end centuries of secrecy and let the world know about Wakanda,” Narcisse said. “It’s a choice that angers many in Wakanda and attracts the attention of the global community on Earth-616.”

Rise of the Black Panther

This is the third title to spin out of Coate’s successful run on Black Panther with Black Panther: World of Wakanda and Black Panther and the Crew being the first two series.

Rise of the Black Panther will be serving as a prequel with ties to the current day Black Panther series as Narcisse & Coates will co-write the new series. Paul Renaud will work alongside them on the artistic side.

“Most of the major plot beats are coming from me. Once we all agreed on the shape of the story arc, I’ve been in constant contact with Ta-Nehisi about ways for this series to reflect who T’Challa is in the present day,” Narcisse said. “There’s a bit of thematic irony here because Ta-Nehisi’s first story arc involved an instance of change where he represented the historical status quo. In Rise of the Black Panther, he’s the one rebelling against what’s always been done. He goes from being a rebel of sorts to being the establishment.”

Rise of the Black Panther arrives in January.


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