Marvel announces Rogue & Gambit and Legion series for 2018


In 2018 the recently revamped X-Men line is about to get a bit bigger. Marvel Comics announced the arrival of Rogue & Gambit and Legion titles coming from the publisher in January 2018.

Currently there are no other bits of news about the titles such as their creative teams or directions or if they are ongoing or limited series. With New York Comic Con on the way it seems likely that more could be revealed about the titles at that point.


While both have had their own solo titles in the past this will be the first time that Rogue and Gambit have co-headlined the title. In recent times Rogue has been leading the Uncanny Avengers while Gambit has spent most of his time back as a thief. Both are currently starring in Astonishing X-Men.


David Haller, Legion, is the interesting one because the last time he had his own title back in 2012 it ended with him actually erasing him self out of existence. His return to comics makes sense now that the character is at the center of a successful FX TV series.


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