The Men in Black return as Sony sets date for spin-off film

Men in Black

Grab your black suit, Ray-Ban sunglasses and your Noisy Cricket space gun cause the Men in Black are coming back to a theater near you.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is reportedly looking to create a Men in Black spin-off movie with Iron Man writers Matt Holloway & Art Marcum and executive producer Steven Spielberg already attached.

Unlike the original 1997 and it’s 2002 and 2012 sequels, the new film will not focus on Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith’s Agents K and J.

Previously there were reports after Sony was hacked in 2014 that the studio was looking to merge the successful Men in Black franchise, which has brought the studio over $1.5 billion worldwide, with the very successful 21 Jump Street franchise. There were reports of possible directors but then all talk of this idea seemed to fizzle and fade away.

There isn’t much else known currently about the project other than it is being fast tracked by the studio for a May 17, 2019 release date which puts it up against Lionsgate’s Jonn Wick: Chapter 3.





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